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100 Tricky Words on Post-Its

A set of 100 tricky words from the Letters and

Sounds phonics phases. With a title poster, each

tricky word is shown on a drawing of a post-it note,

approximately A6 in size, making them a wonderful

and unique resource.

200 Common Words

This free set comprises of all the 200 common words

from the Letters and Sounds High Frequency Words.

Each word is written upon various coloured clouds,

making learning the words more engaging and


Consonant Blends

A set of 20 A4 posters showing a range of

consonant blends. With a title poster, there are 19

different blends presented on rockets and

explosions. This set can be used as a learning

display or as resource during lessons!

Vowel Phonemes on Stars

A set of 27 A4 posters showing a range of vowel

phonemes. With a title poster, there are 26

different vowel phonemes presented on moons

and stars. Will grab the children's attention, helping

them to spell words more easily!


A set of 21 A4 posters about suffixes. With a title

poster and explanatory poster, there are 19

different suffixes in this set. This display will also work

well on your interactive white board as a

resourceful tool during lessons.


A set of 16 A4 eye-catching posters about prefixes.

With a title poster and an explanatory poster, there

are 14 different prefixes in this set. A useful resource

and display to have on one of your classroom walls!



A set of 19 A4 posters that give examples of and

visual aids for homophones. With a title poster, this

set has 18 posters of a range of homophones that

would benefit all learners when identifying the

correct spelling of everyday words.

Compound Words

A set of 17 A4 posters showing how compound

words are formed. Includes: a title poster, an

explanatory poster and 15 posters of different

compound words. With pictures, this set will help

children understand compound words.

Words with Silent Letters

A display of 16 A4 posters showing words with silent

letters. Each poster has a particular silent letter, a

rule for when that letter is pronounced silently and

3 word examples with pictures. This display will help

improve spelling!


A set of 11 A4 posters showing onomatopoeic

words in illustrative detail. With a title/ explanatory

poster, there are 10 various words included in this

set, all with pictures that relate perfectly to its



A set of 12 A4 posters that present a range of synonyms. Each poster has an everyday word with pictures and a list of related synonyms. Includes commonly used words. This resource broadens vocabulary!


A set of 12 A4 posters that present a range of

antonyms. Each poster shows two words opposite

to each other with descriptive pictures. This display

will brighten any area of the classroom and be a

useful word bank for learning!

Rhyming Words

A set of 10 A4 posters of rhyming words. Each poster
has a rhyming word and pictures, along with picture
clues to help children find other words that rhyme.
This display will also come in handy as a warm-up
activity in class!

Speech Bubbles

A set of speech bubbles that consist of 70 different

synonyms for the word ‘said’. With a prompting title

poster, the bubbles are grouped into 6 different

tones of speech. Useful for filling that small empty

space in the classroom!

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