A set of 13 eye-catching A4 posters showing

calligrams. With a title poster, there are 12 words

that will help children understand the true meaning

of calligrams as well as inspire them to think of their


Types of Poetry

A set of 13 A4 posters showing a range of different

types of poetry. Each poster gives an example of

the poem. Includes acrostic poems, haikus, imagery

poems, narrative poems and limericks.

Performing Poetry & Plays

A set of 10 A4 posters showing different methods

for how to perform poetry and plays. Includes: title

poster, facial expression, voice projection,

articulation, mood and tone, gesture, body

position, pace and timing, rhythm and pausing.


A set of 13 A4 posters that give examples of

personification. With a title poster, there are 12

different personified sentences with pictures that

will help children understand this poetic technique

more easily.

Cinquains & Haikus

Writing Playscripts

A set of 12 A4 posters explaining playscripts and

how to write them. Includes: a title poster, a catchy

title, list of characters, scenes, characters,

dialogue, stage directions, introduction, narrator,

layout, comedy and tragedy.

A set of 13 A4 posters that give a step-by-step

explanation on how cinquain and haiku poems are

written. All posters are easy for children to follow

and understand. This will encourage them to write

their own poems.

Acrostic Poems

With a title poster, here is a set of 14 A5 posters

that display a range of words and backgrounds to

be used as a template for children to write their

own acrostic poems. With the children's own

writing this will be a very effective display!

Poetic Styles

With a title poster, here is a set of 10 A4 posters

that explain different poetic styles and techniques.

Each style/ figurative language gives an

explanation and an example. Fantastic for getting

children to explore poetic creativity!

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A collection of 15 A4 posters comprising of 14

different posters of metaphorical sentences. Each

poster has visual cues to help children understand

metaphors in a simplistic way.


A set of 13 A4 posters consisting of 12 different

similes. Each poster has effective and

collaborating pictures to help children better

understand the comparative structure of similes.

Animal Alliterations

With a title poster, here is a set of 26 A5 posters

showing examples of alliterations in the form of

animal names. There is a particular animal for each

letter of the alphabet, all with catchy alliterative


Rhyming Words

A set of 10 A4 posters of rhyming words. Each poster
has a rhyming word and pictures, along with picture
clues to help children find other words that rhyme.
This display will also come in handy as a warm-up
activity in class!


A set of 11 A4 posters showing onomatopoeic

words in illustrative detail. With a title/ explanatory

poster, there are 10 various words included in this

set, all with pictures that relate perfectly to its


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Figurative Language

With a title poster, here is a set of 10 A4 posters

that reveal different types of figurative language.

Includes: alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, cliché,

metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, personification

and assonance.

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