Non-chronological Reports

A set of 10 A4 posters about non-chronological

reports. Includes a title poster, purpose, examples,

writing a title, writing an introduction, subheadings,

pictures and diagrams, the facts, non-

chronological order and the style.

How to Write a Recount

A set of 10 A4 posters on recounts. Includes a title

poster, purpose, paragraphs, writing an

introduction, past tense, first person, examples,

chronological order, opening statement and

closing statement.

Explanation Texts

A display of 9 A4 posters showing how to write an

explanation text. This set comprises of a title poster,

using a title, structure, present tense, diagrams and

pictures, connectives, examples, using paragraphs

and interesting facts.

A set of 11 A4 posters explaining how to write

newspaper reports. Includes: title poster, purpose,

structure, headlines, subheading, first sentence,

body of report, facts and opinions, photos with

captions, quotations and conclusion.

Persuasive Writing

A set of 12 A4 posters: title poster, persuasive

writing, persuasive techniques, alliteration,

repetition, groups of 3, exaggeration, personal

pronouns, emotive language, facts and statistics,

rhetorical questions and criticism.

Autobiography & Biography

Information Texts

A set of 9 illustrative A4 posters explaining the main

features of information texts. Includes: title/

explanatory poster, front cover, contents page,

diagrams, captions, index, glossary, the blurb and

back cover.

Writing Instructions

A set of 13 colourful A4 posters showing all the

conventions for how to write instructions. Each

poster has key pictures and diagrams that will

remind children to include the conventions needed

for writing instructions.

A set of 9 A4 posters that include a title poster,

autobiography, biography, who is it about?,

introduction, tense, facts and information,

emotions and feelings, and closing statement.

Argument & Discussion

Includes a title poster and 20 interesting questions

on A5 flashcards that will raise thought-provoking

arguments and discussions. Ideal for speaking and

listening activities as well as a display that will grab

pupils' attention.


Writing a Letter

A set of 16 A4 posters explaining all there is to know

about how to write formal and informal letters. This

is a resource that will help children better

understand the differences between the two types

of letter writing styles.

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Newspapers (Journalistic Writing)

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How to Write a Diary

A set of 11 A4 posters that show children how to

write a diary. Includes a title/ explanatory page,

first person, past tense, chronological order,

adjectives, time connectives, description, familiar

events, date, informal and reflection.

Buy Now / £1.99
Buy Now / £1.99
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Buy Now / £1.99

Types of Non-fiction

A set of 8 A4 posters revealing different types of

non-fiction texts. Includes: title poster, explanatory

poster, recount, non-chronological report,

explanation, instruction, persuasion and argument.

Great as a generic display throughout the year!

Buy Now / £1.99