Myths & Legends

A set of 12 A4 posters that include: title poster,

Myths, Legends, creatures, magical objects, heroes,

quest, settings, gods and goddesses, special

powers, how the world came to be and differences

between Myths and Legends.

Fiction Genres

A set of 9 A4 posters showing different types of

fiction genres. Each poster has a description on

characters, settings and plot suited to the genre.

Includes: horror, mystery fantasy, thriller, comedy,

sci-fi, romance, adventure and fantasy.

Super Story Starters

A set of 24 A5 cards showing exciting story starters.

Includes: title poster, 6 story starters for introducing

a character (who), 6 for introducing a place

(where), 6 for time (when) and 6 that starts with the

element of surprise.

Aesop's Fables

A set of 11 elegant A4 posters showing information

about Aesop’s fables. Includes: title poster, What is

a Fable?, The Characters of Fables, Who was

Aesop?, and 7 fables with story summary,

illustrations and moral outline.

Traditional Stories & Fairy Tales

A set of 16 visual A4 posters that show a bank of 30

words and pictures relating to traditional stories

and fairy tales. Each word has an eye-catching

picture that will prompt children to use these

narrative words in their writing.

Stories with Familiar Settings

Effective Story Endings

A set of 24 A5 cards showing effective story

endings. The set is divided into 4 different types of

endings - happy, sad, cliffhanger and reflection -

with 6 various endings for each.

How to Write a Narrative Story

A set of 13 A4 posters: title poster, writing a catchy

title, characters, setting (when), setting (where),

the opening, the build-up, the dilemma, the

resolution, the ending, editing a story, character

purpose and a story mountain.

A set of 11 A4 posters that will prompt children to

think about where their story will take place in a

familiar setting. With a title poster and explanatory

poster, there are 9 posters of 18 different types of

familiar settings.

Creating Great Characters

A set of 11 A4 posters that will help give children

ideas for how to create narrative characters. Each

poster has a picture of a type of character with a

character description of appearance, clothes,

background, goal and adjectives.

Fiction Books

A set of 11 A4 posters describing the main features

of fiction books. Consists of a title poster, definition

of fiction books, author, illustrator, plot, characters,

settings, series, chapters, paragraphs and the blurb.


Imaginary & Fantasy Worlds

A set of 9 A4 posters that give ideas for a setting

when writing about imaginary and fantasy worlds.

Each poster has a bank of words related to its

setting. Includes: title poster, jungle, space, forest,

desert, future, island, kingdom and city.

Narrative Nouns

A free set of 104 flashcards (4 words for each letter

of the alphabet) that is perfect for a narrative noun

word bank display. This set will help children gather

ideas for their creative stories as well as increase

their range of vocabulary.

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Character Traits

With an A4 title/ explanation poster, here is a set of

26 A5 posters comprising of words related to

character traits. Each poster contains a bank of

words beginning with the specific letter of the

alphabet. Great resource for writing.

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